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Heritage Craftsmen LLC

In the midst of a booming Nashville market, the opportunity for growth is nearly unmatched.

Everyday, over 80 new people move to Nashville. In commercial construction this means that we need new schools, colleges, hospitals, and churches. It means that businesses are expanding, and new businesses are started everyday across all industries.

During this time of rapid expansion, its imperative that every opportunity is seized. However, we believe that it’s essential that we as builders aren’t just looking for a stamp of completion on our next project but building relationships that surpass a single building or addition.

In the past 8 years, we’ve worked closely with some of the top contractors in our region. We’ve gained invaluable experience and worked to cultivate incredible relationships based on trust and reliability. In these six years, our team has displayed the finest craftsmanship in every facet of commercial painting ranging from government offices, churches, historic state buildings, state of the art hospitals, new innovative schools and modern offices.

A Heritage Craftsmen job ensures the personal oversight from our project management staff, empowered foremen to work with your superintendents, consistency of quality and professional crews. In our line of work, we all know that every project has its own challenges, albeit scheduling or budgetary. At Heritage Craftsmen, we take pride in recognizing and accepting these challenges, crafting distinguishable work and building meaningful relationships!


Heritage Craftsmen LLC is a member of the PDCA – Painting and Decorating Contractors of America


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